Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yellow & Green

When you start a quilt it is essential that you have helpers...

Then you have to have a plan.  I usually follow these steps...

Pattern - didn't really have one for this quilt.  Just went by how many squares I had.

Cutting - the squares are 5 inch squares

Piecing and Borders - I placed the yellow in the center and surrounded it with the green squares.

Label - I spent alot of time trying to decide how to do a label. I eventually designed a label and had some fabric ones made up. I quite like them!

Quilting - nothing fancy, just 'in the ditch' but it sets off the squares very nicely

Binding - used the same fabric as the outer border and machine stitched with a feather stitch.   I always have to really stop and think about how to do this step.  I messed up the corners andhad to redo them...uggg!  Someday I will do a tutorial with all the steps... 

Here is the final product!