Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Shop Quilt Complete

I was done this quilt before the blogger in me kicked in. I should have been documenting all the stages! Oh well, I have many more quilts and projects planned that I can do that for.

Anyway, here are the photos of the quilt I have called:

I Y Blue Quilt

Steps to my quilts:

  1. Pattern - I can't find the link to the pattern I was going to use, but it doesn't really matter because I changed the way the borders were done anyways

  2. Cutting - the squares are 5 inch squares, cut with a rotary cutter

  3. Piecing & Borders - I alternated blue and red squares. Then I added a small border of red with tiny blue flowers and finally a dark blue larger border. I did not have to piece a backing as the backing fabric was wide enough.

  4. Label - I spent alot of time trying to decide how to do a label. I finally cross-stitched one and attached it to the backing. This was a learning experience and I will likely attach future ones differently.

  5. Quilting - nothing fancy, just 'in the ditch' but it sets off the squares very nicely

  6. Binding - used the same fabric as the outer border and machine stitched with a feather stitch.

That's it, my first quilt shop quilt complete. What do you think?

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Helen said...

For your label... You can also iron muslin to wax paper and run it through your printer to make a label.